The XML in myminicity contains all the data of the city. It has information on the bases, stats, and general information (name, country).


The basic XML syntax for myminicity is:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
   <name>City Name</name> 
   <region code="AB">country</region> 
   <bases com="118" env="43451" ind="66663" sec="49990" tra="40045" /> 


The main use for the XML is to view the stats of a city before you visit it, as you can make a more informed decision that way. Many automated programs use XML to read the statistics in order to use them in any manner (displaying, calculating efficiency, etc.) Behind the scenes, the flash applet that displays the city reads the XML itself to calculate the city. Believe it or not, all the information to create the large city displayed is stored in one small file!