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Stat name Population
Address /
Effects Increases unemployment, crime, and pollution, decreases transport
Unlocked at 0
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Population is considered to be the most important statistic, as it is generally believed to be the "goal" of MyMiniCity. It is used to rank cities in the Rankings chart. Ironically, population has only negative effects on the well-being of the city, so support from other bases are required to prevent decrease. If there is not sufficient population, factories and shops will close, causing a decrease in industry or commercial.

Effect on Map Edit

Population can cause many things:

  • Increase in city size
  • Increase in number of houses
  • Increase in size of houses
  • Decrease in farms, pools, mountains

It is also required to increase the maximum

  • Road quality
  • Road amount
  • Factory amount
  • Shop amount
  • Police base amount
  • Park amount