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Stat name Industry
Address /ind
Effects Decreases Unemployment, Increases Pollution
Unlocked at 50
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Industry is an important part of MyMiniCity, being required for lowering unemployment. However, it is also used for destroying cities, thanks to the fact that it raises pollution.

Formulae Edit

Industry helps reduce unemployment at a rate of 3 population to 1 industry.

$ \mbox{UnemploymentRate} = \frac {Population - 3 \times Industry - Business} {Population} $[1]

However, industry causes pollution. The formula is based on industry, so if industry is high and environment is low, more industry does very little to increase pollution.

$ \mbox{Pollution} = \frac {0.1 \times Population + 0.3 \times Business - 2 \times Environment + Industry - 200} {Industry} $[1]

Industry is capped, past a certain point new factories will just close:

$ \mbox{MaxIndustry} = 0.8 \times Population $

Example Edit

Assume a city has the following stats: 2000 Population, 500 Industry, 1000 Transport, 1000 Security, 250 Environment, and no shops. From those we can calculate that the unemployment rate is 25%, and the pollution is 0%.

Now let us add 100 more industry. The unemployment rate has now decreased 25% to 10%, however the pollution has increased to 16%. From the table below you can see the effects of industry on our city:

Industry Added Unemployment Rate Pollution level
0 25% 0%
50 17% 9%
100 10% 16%
150 2% 23%
200 0% 28%
250 0% 33%

As you can see, the pollution increase caused by industry decreases as industry becomes higher.

Effect on Map Edit

Extra industry causes more factories to appear on the map.

Use as Bombs Edit

Industry is the most efficient city-bomber aside for the MiniVille specific AntiVille. While Environment, Transport and Security don't do harm, and Population is ineffective (because it fails to lower population), Industry can remove population from cities at an alarming rate when used in high quantities. Industry bombs, however, cannot last forever, as the pollution increase will level out eventually. After that, the environment can regrow and the city will be restored with better statistics than before.

Because Commercial is simply a toned down varient of Industry, it is not nearly as effective as a city-bomber.

References Edit

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