The first steps to enjoying MyMiniCity is making a city and visiting other cities. This article will explain how.

Creating a cityEdit

  • Click on "Build a city". Choose the name of the city, and then choose the country your city will be in. Make sure you really want that city, spam cities are discouraged.
  • You will be given an address. Type that address inside a web browser (make sure to have a recent flash player).
  • You will likely see a single house surrounded by forest. Congratulations! Your city is complete!

Visiting other citiesEdit

Sometimes people will give you the address to their cities. Just type in that address or click their link, and you will visit their city. Other times, you will find you have no cities to visit. In those cases, you want to use the Ranking feature.

  • Click on "Ranking", and select a country. It is generally better to select a popular one: the US, Germany, and UK are examples of active countries.
  • Go to a page near the middle of the rankings. It may be more efficient to modify the address bar in your browser. The best pages are ones full of cities not too big, but not tiny either.
  • Click on a random city. You have just visited that city!

Next, you probably want to promote your city. To do so, it is simple enough to post links to your city in your email signature, on forums that allow it, and anywhere else appropriate. Do not post links on places not appropriate, however, this includes most forums, wikis, and just about everywhere else where public content is accepted. Doing so will likely get you banned from that board! However, the MyMiniCity interface allows a easy way of messaging right on a city page:

  • After you visit a city, find the message box.
  • Type a message saying "+1 stat, please visit city name!" (replacing stat with the base you increased and city name with your city name)
  • Wait, and most likely they will return your visit!